audio-MAD. 100 audio-artists of Madrid. [Oct. 2014]

Audiopolis #11. Friday October 31, 2014.

audio-MAD. 100 audio-artists of Madrid.

Friday October 31, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Auditorium of CentroCentro, will be presented the DVD edition of “audio-MAD. 100 audio-artists from Madrid” and at 8:00 pm the solo concert performed by one computer, without human controller, based on a “recombined” selection from the materials of all the participants artists.

From 6:00 pm you can visit the listening space of Audiopolis, on the 5th floor of CentroCentro. There you can listen to both the individual pieces without changing, as several recombinatorial-compositional results.

Free admission.



Francisco López, curator of Audiópolis, has invited 20 programmers to participate and invite in their turn several other sound artists, experimental musicians, composers, noisers… of Madrid, to make each one of them, a total of 100 artists, a sound piece expressly for this project. All the pieces are presented as isolated, individual pieces and also remixed as “sound module recombination”, processed and structured by the ad hoc self-controlled software developed by artist/programmer Óscar Martín.


Alberto Bernal, Alfonso Pomeda, Alonso Urbanos, Andrés Noarbe, Anne-Françoise Raskin, Elena Gómez, Fátima Miranda, Iury Lech, Javier Piñango, José Luis Espejo, Juan Antonio Nieto, Juan Carlos Blancas, José Luis Villalobos, José Manuel Costa, Maite Camacho, Maral Kekejian, Marta Sainz, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández.


Acoustic Mirror, Adolfo Nuñez, Akasha, Alberto Bernal, Alicia Hierro, Andrea Zarza, Antonio García Román, Antony Maubert, Arturo Lanz, Atomizador, Aurora Aroca, Boca Ratón, Carlos Ruiz Balaguera, Carlos Vaquero, Celer G. D., Charo Calvo, Colectivo maDam [Rubén Gutiérrez, Mario Bastian, Álvaro Barriuso, Joan Espasa, Mario Sarramian & Ainara Legardon], Concha García, Da-Sein, Daniel del Río, Darío Moratilla, David Area, David Krapoola, eclectikTronik, Edith Alonso, El sueño de Hyparco [Antonio Dyaz & Julián Aragoneses], Elías Merino, elufo, Enrique Tomás, Erissoma, Fátima Miranda, Fernando Millán, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, Francisco Fernández, Francisco López, Fromm, Gabriela Parra, Grassa Dato, Héctor Hernández, Hybrid 3000, Irma Catalina Álvarez, Isaac Diego, Iury Lech, Iván Ferrer-Orozco, Jaime Munárriz, Javier Molina, Javier Pedreira, Javier Pérez Aranda, Javier Piñango, Jesús Vögel, Jorge Simonet, Jorge Vicario, Juan Antonio Lleó, Juan Antonio Nieto, Juan Carlos Blancas, La Sonidera [Ángeles Oliva & Toña Medina], Llorenç Barber, Logical Disorder, Lucas Becker, Lucas Bolaño, Manuel Calurano, Mario Bastian, Markus Breuss, Marta Sainz, Maryah Marymotto, Microchica, Miguel A García, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, Miguel Rviz, Nacho Ortega, Narcoleptica, Nilo Gallego, Noelia Rodríguez, noish, Nothvs Filivs Mortis, Odin Kaban, Oikos, Oscar Barras, Pablo Palacio, Pablo Rego, Pablo Sanz, Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga, Pequeno Sozinho, Peter Memmer, Santiago Sierra, Scumearth, Sergio de Pablo, Sergio Luque, Suero, Tomás Gris, Tube Tentacles, Victor Aguado, Wade Matthews, Yamila Ríos.

Links to the websites of the participants HERE.

Digital version of the double DVD. 12 hours of audio.

Listening and download free all the themes of audio-MAD. 100 audio-artists of Madrid. 94 pieces by 100 audio-artists from Madrid selected by 19 invited curators + 4 full-concert recombinant performances by autonomous composition software.

Conceived, directed and curated by Francisco López. Production: CentroCentro.


Introductory speech of Francisco López, curator of Audiópolis, for the concert automated by the software PEPA: “audio-MAD 100 audio-artists of Madrid”. Auditorium of CentroCentro. Madrid. 31/10/2014. (Video in spanish, without subtitles)



Video: Javier Pérez Aranda


PEPA = recordings of real-time composition and performance sessions carried out by the ad hoc autonomous software ‘PEPA’ (P3P4), using all the tracks of the compilation audio-MAD. 100 audio-artists of Madrid, as source material. The software has been developed by Óscar Martín in collaboration with Francisco López, during 2014.

In the following link there is all the documentation and the code clean P3P4 for those who want to know more about the program and to download and install the software.


Photo: Francisco López. PEPA. CentroCentro’s Auditorium. 31.10.2014.

31.10.2014. Concert in the Auditorium of CentroCentro.

Photos: Javier Pérez Aranda

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