Dario Moratilla – Daniel del Rio – Jorge Vicario [Mar. 2015]

Audiopolis #13. Friday 27th of March, 2015.

Dario Moratilla [Guadalajara(esp)] + Daniel del Rio [Guadalajara(esp)] + Jorge Vicario [Madrid(esp)-Berlin(ger)]


On Friday March 27th at 20:00 pm in the auditorium of CentroCentro, as part of Audiópolis, we will be happy of listening the concerts of 3 young Spanish audio-artists working with noise and concrete music. Darío Moratilla, Daniel del Río and Jorge Vicario (Venom) will be with us in a direct intense.

Free admission seating.
The same day from 6:00 pm will open the Audiópolis’ listening space on the 5th floor of CentroCentro, this time presenting artwork of the respective artists.
Darío Moratilla, Daniel del Río and Jorge Vicario (Pozoña), on March 25, 2015 will be in Murcia, in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Center “Puertas de Castilla”, for the program “Experimentadores en la Fonoteca” of SONM. The activity is also curated by Francisco López. [+ info: Puertas de Castilla // Fonoteca SONM]

Darío Moratilla


Dario Moratiila has crafted a strange and caotic mutation sound world, mixing drones, computer music Artifacts, homemade field recordings, electroacoustic sounds and noisy waves. He makes sound, mixes, and compositions for listening, performance and audiovisuals.

Received in 2001 the first International award of Electroacoustic Music for the masterpiece “Modo Aleatorio” organised in Spain by Autor Foundation.


Audio manipulation, Glitch Art, electroacoustic composition, Real-time manipulation, exploration of perception in the context of acousmatic drones and microsound, harsh noise analog versus digital noise, Politics, Rave cultural/ethnic influences and meditative/trance-states through sound, “Art Brut” some writers like Gilles Deleuze, Masamune Shirow, Francisco Lopez, Alan Moore, Terence Mckenna. Performance with NO improvisation, Radio Mixes, Dub and Techno forms of composition for experimental sound. NO CONCEPT NO BULLSHIT.

Selected Audio Works:

Djitter: “Plays Lifting the Veil” (Drone Tape Box)
Dario Moratilla: “Mirando a traves de la ventana” Grain Size
Dario Moratilla “Out of Room” GrainSize
Dario Moratilla ” Trazos” (Impulsive Habitat)
Dario Moratilla ” What we saw from second floor” (PunicaGranatum)
Fabel vs Kimberly Klark: “Sound Sketches 01” (Synergy networks)\par
Kimberly Klark: “Reverse Mode” Grain Size
Games Addiction: “Random Movements” (Plataforma-ltw)
Games Addiction: “Nova Prospekt II” (EscalaRed)
Games Addiction: “Crisis Core” (Brrrec)
Games Addiction: “All writers must be go from Rapture” (Brrrec)
Games Addiction: “Dra Lamb stolen Code” (Punica Granatum)


Dario Moratilla has performed at various spaces including the MACBA Museum BCN, Club Batofar Paris, Sala Cruce, La Casa Encendida Madrid, Club Maria an Ufer berlin, University of Zaragoza, The Foundry London, Festivals like Sonikas, Lem, Territorio Electrico, Noise=Noise, Experimenta Club, Eco festival, Confluencias, Escena Contemporanea, Rave Mipanas, Caotic full Moon, Festival Zarata 2012 (bilbao),l’Observatori (valencia) …More than 150 concerts during last 17 years.


Collaborative releases are primarily tracks for Compilations, Also have a colaborative tracks (to be released) via exchange sounds with artists like Juan Carlos Blancas (Coeval) and Francisco Lopez. Also remixed artists like Daniel Menche, Zbigniew Karkowski.

Music and links

www.grainsize.blogspot.com /// Ars Sonora Monográfico /// Djitter MIx for eco festival /// Trazos LP on Impulsive Habitat /// Djitter “Plays Lifting the Veil” (Drone tape Box) Lp /// Games Addiction “All Writers must be go from Rapture” (version for Ursonate Fanzine) /// Dario Moratilla videos of Live-recordings


Audio-Tracks for Audiópolis

Darío Moratilla – Study for tape Noise and Dub

Darío Moratilla – Tape 08+ tape 031 b+ 44 hiss short

Darío Moratilla – Flac promotrack Alku 01010110001111001 cd dubss

Daniel del Río


Daniel del Río (Guadalajara, Spain, 1989), works in sound and installation. Based on actual computer languages, he has been developing sound installations and sound diffussions in a variety of spaces around noise and multifocal electroacustic/computer-generated compositions.

Some of his most notable recent projects have been: como Presencia: alternativas escultóricas a la composición multicanal, (2013, MediaEstruch, Barcelona), Difusión específica sin titulo (2014, Noise in/as Music Symposium, Center for Research in New Music, UK), Instalación para 13 altavoces, (2014, Call & Response, UK) and Composición generativa para ordenador y coro, along with Elias Merino (In process, Church of St. Paul, UK).

His previous projects have taken him to present his work in UK, Germany, Portugal, Japan, United States and Latin America. He currently develops reductive, a platform dedicated to sound art to an international level, responsible for the publication of physical and digital editions of renowed artists. He is co-editor with Heather Frasch and Ryoko Akama of reductive journal, a twice a year publication around the processes of reading and listening.

Music and links

http://cimaural.net/danieldelrio /// http://reductivemusic.com /// http://journal.reductivemusic.com

Online sound work

Audio-Tracks for Audiópolis

Daniel del Río – State of points according to their proximity

Daniel del Río – Untitled

Jorge Vicario [Ponzoña]


Jorge Vicario (Madrid, 1989) works respectively with sound and imagery applied to visual pieces.

In recent years their approaches to experimentation of sound in development of pieces and tape loops installations, as well as research composition computer languages.

His interests are original inspiration in noise and concrete music.

He has done work for various media and spaces; quadraphonic, video, performance and installation. Since 2010 also promotes a project described in an extra-musical frame, next to the Fluxus movement.

Currently lives in Berlin and participates in the performance scene of Central Europe.

Music and links

http://jorgevicario.tumblr.com/ /// http://www.cimaural.net/audioarts/

Audio-Tracks for Audiópolis

Jorge Vicario – Movimiento #2

Jorge Vicario – Movimiento #19

Event in CentroCentro

Photos: Mónica Bueno

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