Pure – Manuel Knapp [Sep. 2014]

Audiópolis #10

Friday September 19, 2014.

PURE and Manuel Knapp concert at 8:00 pm in the AUDITORIUM of CentroCentro.
On the same day, from 6:00 pm will open the listening space of AUDIOPOLIS situated on the 5th floor of CentroCentro. The sound exhibition runs until the next 26th of October.

Access to the exhibition and the concert, for free.




Manuel Knapp is a visual artist, composer and experimental musician.

He studied painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and computer music and electroacoustic media at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He is active as a noise musician and visual artist since the 1990s and performs many concerts with colleagues from the experimental music scene, while he presents his computer-animated experimental films alongside exhibitions at international film / music festivals.

Manuel Knapp lives and works in vienna and tokyo.

Music and links

http://knapp.klingt.org // http://mokabar.klingt.org // http://vimeo.com/manuelknapp






PURE [Vienna]

PURE is from Vienna, he currently lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.

He has been making electronic music since 1992. He creates hypnotic, soundtrack-like pieces that trigger associations of abstract movies and science fiction novels using a mix of electroacoustic composition, sound synthesis, and live electronics.

PURE has over 30 physical and digital releases of solo and collaborative works in different styles under various pseudonyms on such labels as Editions Mego (at), Hinterzimmer (ch), Crónica (pt), Staalplaat (nl), Praxis (ch) and others.

Being one of the driving forces behind bringing techno culture to Vienna in 1991 as DJ, producer and organizer, he departed from this style soon after. His turn towards experimental electronic music in the second half of the nineties went hand in hand with getting into programming his own music software. He uses this knowledge since then for computer based live performances and teaching at various Universities and education facilities.

Since 2003 he developed the HEART CHAMBER ORCHESTRA together with Erich Berger; an award-winning audio-visual realtime composition for 12 musicians in which the heartbeats of the musicians create a score in realtime. He holds a Master degree in Computer Music from the University of Plymouth (UK).

Music and links

http://www.musicwithmachines.org // http://www.soundcloud.com/pure // http://www.tastethedoom.com // http://www.heartchamberorchestra.org // https://www.facebook.com/musicwithmachines.org

AFTER THE BOMB (excerpt)

END (excerpt)


PURE + Manuel Knapp on live, in CentroCentro. 19.09.2014.

Extract from Manuel’s Knapp live in CentroCentro, for Audiopolis #10.

Extract from PURE’s live in CentroCentro, for Audiopolis #10.

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