Alberto Montero

October 2015
audio-MAD Space >> Alberto Montero

two deform face


We can see on his work how the diverse pieces are approached. It is worked narrative and non narrative lines. The experimental video goes through objects and their interaction with the character. Our use of the objects and their contextualization are able to give different meanings to those for which they were created.

We can consider the body as an art piece and open field to work on. In order to understand his nature, we can work on his characteristics and possibilities. Given that a person is unique we take into account that every person has his proper qualities. The body as energy content is able to offer different possibilities. I try to focus the previous study on the body itself and the rest of characters, through observation, practice, creating links and conscience about the bodies. Let us take the bodies as source to assume, express and convey ideas.

thirty seconds of reflection_s


This Short film is about the sounds of appliances. It´s connotations are about the distance between humans and machines. We can see the importance of time in order to transport the desired location. In the film we can see appliances working alone. We can appreciate their dimensions and their life inside through the sound.

Directed and produced by Alberto Montero

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