Los invisibles

July 2015
audio-MAD Space >> “The Invisibles”

The Invisibles make experimentation and appropriation their field of operations. As their name implies, they enter a state of lucid trance, serving as mediums to communicate us with a spectral world of samplers, field recordings, textual collages and pop references that undergo careful deconstruction. The result jumps without complexes from Ornette Coleman to post punk or minimalism, compiling a catalog of emotions of which we all find ourselves accomplices.

The Invisibles play with listening, with emotional references and contexts. The sound weaves a narrative that more than illustrating a dreamlike story it becomes it, in a constant process of composition and recomposition. It becomes organic matter, in a palpable, unforeseeable and hypnotic multicellular organism.

The Invisibles are Javier Montero and Marcos Monge.

More info about “The Invisibles”: http://redessecretas.blogspot.com.es/

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The Invisibles are Javier Montero and Marcos Monge, active since 2007. They have performed in venues such as the Patio Maravillas Grotto and 77 (Madrid), in the Almazen theater during the LEM Festival (Barcelona) and the Alter Art Festival (Murcia). His last performance was in The Strait Gate in the Rare Music (May, 2015) Teatro cycle. After a very successful first stage in which they recorded the CD ‘The Invisibles’ and held 18 meetings live on the Black Sheep program on Radio Círculo, Los Invisibles have returned to activity.

Javier Montero is author and director of performing arts, writer, visual artist and teacher of communication. Just premiered the play “La secta de las vampiras’ at the “Teatro del Barrio” and directs theater projects of collective creativity as “La máquina del tiempo” (Intermediae / Matadero), “La normalidad como campo de batalla” (Theater District) and “La caja mágica” (schools). Among other activities, he directs the program on the performing arts, literature, sound experimentation and activism “La Oveja Negra” in the mental space, Agora Sol and Radio Círculo.

Marcos Monge Fernández (Managua, Nicaragua 1969) is saxophonist and clarinetist. He practices in the field of improvisation, interested in a wide range of contemporary improvisational techniques from free improvisation to jazz in its various records, free jazz, bebop, swing etc… Part of “Música Libre”, an association to promote improvisation in Madrid. In this context he has participated in several editions of the International Festival of Improvisation “Hurta Cordel”, which for years held in “La Casa Encendida” in Madrid, and is a part of “Orquesta FOCO”, one of the pioneering bands dedicated to improvisation in Spain. He has participated in numerous bands, which include Dead Capo, with which is on tour for 13 years and edits the album Sale (Lovemonk) in 2012, the trio winds “Uz”, also published in 2012 Three tubes (Clamshell Records) or the free jazz band “Akafree”, with whom he recorded for the Galician label “Xingra”.

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