Manuel Onetti

August 2015
audio-MAD Space >> Manuel Onetti

Projection of 5 pieces of Manuel Onetti.


1. Díptico mitológico del capitalismo

Allegory about Venus and Vulcan myth, wanting to reflect on the role of women within the capitalist system, under the sound of the anvil.

2. Chi Kung a la andaluza

Intervention on the practice of Qigong, Chinese discipline oriented to health, as an example of peaceful / cultural colonialism and integration of cultures.

3. Luci

Short film showing the journey of death of a partner non-human.

4. Matarse

Videopoem about the need for destruction to make way for creation. Dying to live.

5. Susana

Intervention Buñuel film, reflecting on repeating behaviors of male domination of different artistic expressions that recreate and sustain a certain collective behavior.

Manuel Onetti (1985) is filmmaker and writer. He has participated in festivals such as the Festival of Poetry Fractal 2014 or the sample video artists partners in the Neomudejar de Atocha and the first Creative Commons festival of Seville. This year will submit his first documentary “Cuts of Lithuania” and his first book of poetry “Sol eléctrico amarillo”.

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