Miguel Oliveros

November 2015
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Sublime immaterial object, 2006/present.

(audiovisual excerpt/extract of the system/patch created with Pure Data)

The “History” of this divine principle, the mysterium tremendum et fascinans of the mind and consciousness, “(…) in the system of the idealists (…) can be nothing but a continuous fall. They begin by a terrible fall, from which they never recover—by the salto mortale from the sublime regions of pure and absolute idea into matter. And into what kind of matter! Not into the matter which is eternally active and mobile, full of properties and forces, of life and intelligence, as we see it in the real world; but into abstract matter, impoverished and reduced to absolute misery by the regular looting of these Prussians of thought, the theologians and metaphysicians, who have stripped it of everything to give everything to their emperor, to their God; into the matter which, deprived of all action and movement of its own, represents, in opposition to the divine idea, nothing but absolute stupidity, impenetrability, inertia and immobility ̈ Mikhail Bakunin, 2000/ 2002:

A fall into the bourgeoisie, Goyesque and esperpental/grotesque abysm of the inward and downward, where ̈the romantics know that two paths are open to the bourgeois, one in the bourgeois light, the other in the unbourgeois depths. The first marries, be-comes a respectable man, begets children and enjoys middle-class peace—but what does he know of life?

To the second sang and lied
The thousand voices in the ground
Tempting sirens, and drew
Him into the wanton billows
Of the colorfully ringing chasm.

(Fourth verse of J. v. Eichen-dorff s poem Die zwei Gesellen [The two bachelors, 1818])

Peter Sloterdijk 2003: 391/393.


[resonance frequencie=493.883 Hz]

Miguel Oliveros [Madrid, 1980]: Fine artist and researcher. I live and work in Madrid where I research as PhD candidate at the School of Fine Arts, UCM. I combine my research with collaborations, patronages, exhibitions, workshops and commissions for the private industry, national and international academic institutions and nonprofit organizations. Previously I was a researcher and video art teacher at the Institute of Digital Art and Technology (i-DAT), University of Plymouth (UK), where I also studied. Later I thought sculpture and ceramics to disabled adults in Cornwall (UK) where I also collaborated with public and social institutions…


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