What is Audiópolis?

Audiópolis is a project of experimental sound creation. Under the concept of meta-city, international musicians whose work combines experimental scene sound creation and plastic art, selected by Francisco Lopez, acting and exhibiting in CENTROCENTRO of Madrid.

Audiópolis’ structure is based on periodic events that one after the other create annual cycles. Their activities consist of concerts, lives, sound installations, performances and workshops. The first cycle was inaugurated in autumn of 2012 and is currently aiming for the second edition.

Audiópolis’ fundamental objective is to promote artistic sound creation, based on the relation between experimental music and visual creation. Another major motivation is to bring to the public the work of sound artists, noisers, experimental or underground musicians from cities all around the world, creating an international network where the priority is diversity.

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Images of cities of the world. Fotographs by the own collection of Audiópolis’ curator, Francisco López.


Curator – address: Francisco López
Production director: José Tono Martínez
Production management: Tevi de la Torre
Communication – diffusion: Haris Hlorou

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